Rudi Bekkers

Rudi Bekkers


Welcome to my personal home page!

I hold the chair of Standardisation and Intellectual Property at the Eindhoven University of Technology. I received a Ph.D. degree for a multidisciplinary study on the development and diffusion of mobile telecommunications standards in Europe, and hold a M.Sc. in Technology and Society and a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. 

My main research interests include:

  1. Standardization and intellectual property rights (IPRs) in mobile telecommunications and other industries;

  2. Economics and policy in the area of telecommunications (especially broadband and mobile);

  3. University-industry knowledge transfer (‘technology transfer’);

  4. Innovation in network industries.

As a researcher, I published in a range of journals, including Research Policy, California Management Review, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Technovation, Industrial and Corporate Change, Telecommunications Policy, and more. I also presented at a range of conferences including those of the NBER, the Academy of Management, DRUID, Schumpeter, and EMAEE. I have also been involved in conducting over 50 commissioned studies by governments, international organisations, and private parties, including  the European Commission, the OECD, the US National Academies of Science, ETSI, UN/ITU, and many others. Many of these studies are performed within Dialogic Innovatie & Interactie, a research and consultancy firm based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with whom I am affiliated with.  

As a teacher, I focus particularly on innovation processes in relation to technological environments and contribute to the M.Sc. program Innovation Sciences and in the B.Sc. program Sustainable Innovation. One of my largest activities is a series of undergraduate courses on Patents, Design Rights and Standards (USE Learning Sequence PDS).

Within the TU/e, I I work in the Technology, Innovation and Society (TIS) group, which comprises approx. 55 staff members working in the area of economics, history of technology, and transitions. From 2014-2019 I also served as the chairperson of this group.

I currently serve on several external committees:

  1. As of 2021, I serve as an external reviewer for NWO for VENI research proposals.

  2. As of mid-2020, I serve as the chair of programmaraad SOONS, an association that funds and promotes research and teaching on standardization.  

  3. In 2018, I was appointed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs as member of the Forum Standardisatie. This body advices the Dutch government on standardization matters. 

  4. In 2017, I was re-appointed as a member of the IEEE-SA Europe Advisory Council.

  5. Since 2016, I serve as a member of the “Raad van Advies - Kring van IP-professionals” in the Netherlands.

  6. Since 2002, I am a member of NELO, the Dutch Platform of ETSI member.

In the recent past, I served as an committee member at the National Academies of Science (NAS) in the US, where we investigated the impact of patents in standards. I was also appointed by the European Commission as independent expert to the Expert Group on "Knowledge Transfer".

Within the TU/e, I currently serve on the following committees:

  1. Committee reviewing the TU/e Intellectual Property (IP) policy (since 2021)

  2. Advisory Committee Academic Entrepreneurship at TU/e (see report - institutional access only)

  3. Advisory Committee Academic Integrity (since 2019)

  4. Interdepartemental Advisory Appointment Committee (BAC/IFC) (since 2019)

  5. Deputy member College van Beroep Examens (since 2020)

  6. Advisory group IEIS valorisation strategy (since 2020)

  7. Advisory Committee PDEng Smart Buildings & Cities (SBC) (since 2017)

  8. IEIS ICT committee (since 2016) R.N.A. (Rudi) Bekkers

Chair of Standardization and Intellectual Property

Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences (IEIS)

Eindhoven University of Technology


Room Atlas 8.411, P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven

Tel. +31 40 247 5621, email:

Official TU/e home page

Recent news

3-4 November 2022: Two brand new papers presented (by my respective co-authors) at the Ninth ZEW/MaCCI Conference on the Economics of Innovation and Patenting (INNOPAT22), Mannheim, Germany.

1 November 2022: Delivered an invited speech “Using government procurement for interoperability: Lessons from Forum Standaardisatie in the Netherlands” at the TPRI Interoperability Workshop, Technology & Policy Research Initiative, Boston University.

17 August:  one new paper published in Research Policy, and two more papers accepted (one by Research Policy, one by IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid).  See

Emilio Raiteri, Carlo Bottai and I will present our new paper at EPIP22.


On 29 June 2022, I delivered an invited speech on the occasion of the valedictory address of prof. Kees Stuurman at Tilburg University.

May 2022: The TU/e selected the work done by me and my colleagues on patent essentiality as the university’s submission for the Huibregtsenprijs 2022, the Dutch national prize for research that combines scientific innovation with real potential for societal applications.

4 April 2022: Today, the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) came out. I served as contributing author, focusing on the role of intellectual property rights and technology transfer for climate mitigation technologies.

Back in 2018, ETSI published an educational book on standardization, which was quickly adopted by many institutes worldwide. In December 2021, a fully revised second edition of this book was published, in which I serve as co-author.

On 16 December 2021, Elena M. Tur, Emilio Raiteri and myself were finalist of the Valorization Price of the Department of IEIS at our university.

On 14 December 2021, I delivered a speech and served as panel member at the 4th edition of the Paris conference on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) and FRAND of the Licensing Executive Society (LES), the world’s largest professional association for IP and licensing professionals, Paris.

On 9 December 2021, I delivered a speech at Dutch Platform Internetstandaarden.

On 7 December 2021 I delivered a presentation at the Research Roundtable: “Mechanisms, Governance, and Policy Impact of SEP Determination Approaches” (Part 1) organized by Northwestern Center on Law, Business and Economics (Chicago) and IPlytics (Berlin).

On 17 November 2021 I delivered an invited speech at a meeting of Fair Standards Alliance (FSA), Brussels.

On 4 November 2021, I participated as speaker in #WOIConversations Episode 3: Ownership in Open Innovation. Should be soon on their YouTube channel. 

September 2021: I am featured in an article on European ruling and standardization in Elsevier Weekblad (EW), special edition ‘Europese Unie’ (September 2021), page 90-93.

On 1 October 2021, Peter Persoon will defend his PhD! I served as supervisor and 2nd promotor for Peter.

From 11 to 15 October 201, our group at TU/e will organize the 4th EuroTech doctoral course: The Economics and Management of Innovation and Technological Change. In addition to our own faculty, we also welcome speakers Gaétan de Rassenfosse (EPFL), Dominique Foray (EPFL), Joachim Henkel (TUM), Jason Li-Ying (DTU), and Argyro Nikiforou (DTU). The course is open to all interested doctoral students from EuroTech universities, but we also welcome students from other institutions. See the call.

On 10 September 2021 Elena Mas Tur presented our co-authored paper on a pilot experiment on essentiality testing on the EPIP2021 conference in Madrid, Spain. So good to see so many colleagues there in person!

From 6 to 8 September 2011, I hosted the 11bth International Conference on Standardisation and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT 2021) in conjunction with the 25th EURAS Annual Standardisation Conference Standardisation and Innovation at my university. Using a very interactive online conference tool, I think the event was a great success! Organization crew picture (with Kai Jakobs and Paul Wiegmann).

Dual jubilee: on a single day, 25 June 2021, I received the news that I had been working 25 years at TU/e as well as 20 years at Dialogic. Wow…

On 8 March 2021, I provided an invited talk at ETSI IPR Special Committee, Sofia Antipolis, France.

20 May 2020 I delivered a presentation at DVB, the organization responsible for standardizing the successful DVB video standard, The talk was for the IPRM, the group in DVB that is responsible for making recommendations concerning the organizations’ IPR policy and overseeing its functioning.

3 May 2021: Now member of the editorial board of the new Elsevier journal “Invention Disclosure”.

24 February 2021: Will serve as one of the speakers on the European Commission webinar “Transparency in SEP licensing - How to clarify possible exposure upfront?”. Over 400 external guests have registered for this event.

16 December 2020: Delivered an invited speech at a meeting of the IP Owners Association, which has many of the world’s larges patent owners among its members. 

12 December 2020: I will serve as the Program Chair for the SIIT2021 conference, held in Aachen (Germany) in September 2021.

Contributed to a newspaper article that appeared in Trouw, 27 Dec. 2020 “Eindhoven is een koploper op het gebied van innovatie, met dank aan de typisch Nederlandse cultuur van samenwerken

10 December 2020: a two page article appeared in main Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad that features the Essentiality Study we carried out for the European Commission.

On an event 10 December 2020 joined by over 200 participants by industry and other stakeholders, during a poll, 82% said to be in favor of a publicly available database of essentiality tested SEPs, as proposed in the Essentiality Study we carried out for the European Commission.

In a public speech of 25 November 2020, EC Commissioner for Competition and Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager announced that the “Commission will explore setting up an independent system of third-party essentiality checks [...]”, thereby indicating following up our recommendation in the Essentiality Study we carried out for the European Commission.

25 November 2020: the EC-commissioned Essentiality Study and the Landscape Study are now made public.

On December 2, 2020, there is the official launch event for the Essentiality Study we carried out for the European Commission. Over 450 people have registered!

On 26 November 2020, I delivered a talk at the Masterclass FRAND 2020 for the Centrum Permanente Educatie. This event was aimed at aimed at an audience of IP lawyers, legal council, and patent attorneys.

On November 17, 2020, the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security offered the report “Information-sharing nationwide network of cybersecurity partnerships” to the Dutch parliament, of which I am one of the authors. An English summary can be found here.

30 September 2020: Kick-off meeting of the NEON project. This project, aimed at accelerating the energy and mobility transition through integral, multidisciplinary research, encompasses more than 30 new PhD positions and many partners from industry and other organizations. I will coordinate the standardization component within NEON.

16 September 2020: I deliver a presentation for the ETSI IPR Special Committee meeting #34. In the presence of over 50 delegates, I talked about the policy of the European Patent Office (EPO) in terms of including standards-related prior art in the patent examining procedure.

3 September 2020 : The 11th. SIIT2020 conference, organized by Kai Jakobs and myself, just ended. With six sessions, 351 session participations by 203 unique individuals, this was the largest SIIT conference ever! Thank you to all participants and all the positive feedback we received! 

23 June 2020: new articles in Research Policy and in Technological Forecasting & Social Change now published online - see Publications page.

14 June 2020: three deliverables (D6.1, D6.2 and D6.3 )from the the evRoaming4EU project are now public; see the Reports page. 

18 May 2020: more than 200 people attended the webinar where we presented the results of the evRoaming4EU project.

23 April 2020: Dutch standards body NEN announces it will fund two PhD projects on standardization, one at TU/e and one at Delft. I am involved in the supervision of both projects.

Contributed to a newspaper article that appeared in NRC, 12 March 2020, Patentenoorlog in Europa: China claimt recordaantal uitvindingen

December 2019: The NEON (New Energy and mobility Outlook for the Netherlands) research proposal, is selected to receive 8.5 million Euro funding from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The TU/e is the lead applicant and within this project, I will supervise a PhD student on standardization.

June 2019: NWO awarded funding to the INTERSECT project (“An Internet of Secure Things”) in which I participate. The TU/e is the lead applicant and the project will receive approx. 10 million Euro in the Dutch Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (NWA) programme. 

In May 2019, I served as visiting teacher for the EuroTech doctoral course Economics of Innovation and Technological Change (EITC) at Technische Universität München.

In January 2019, I was was invited to address the European Parliament during a public hearing on patents and standards. Present were members of the European Parliament, but also by top-level representatives of the EC (including the Head of Unit, Industrial Property and the Fight against Counterfeiting - DG GROW), top-level representatives of the European Patent Office, as well as market players, political journalists, and observers.

EVroaming4EU project awarded and kick-off in January 2018. This €2 million project aims to facilitate the development of an EU-wide infrastructure for roaming when charging electric vehicles. Project partners include the Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure (NKL), MRA Elektrisch, as well as five German, Austrian and Danish partners.

  1. There is a PostDoc researcher opening for             the above project

As per 1 November 2017, I am promoted to Full Professor at my university!

On invitation of the EPO, I will give a presentation at the PATSTAT user day on the linking of the dSEP database and PATSTAT, on Monday 13 November 2017, Mexico City.

Invited to participate in the High-level roundtable Effective IP strategies for the Cloud-driven Digital Transformation, Brussels, 27 September 2017.

In August 2017, a paper on disclosure rules and declared essential patents appeared as NBER Working Paper at See conferences and working papers for more details.

New conference papers accepted at the 2017 Conference on IP Statistics for Decision Makers (IPSDM), 14-15 November 2017 in Mexico City.

Will speak at the DRUID Professional Development Workshops (PDW) on the benefits and challenges of digitalization in research and practice at DRUID17 conference, June 12 - 14, 2017, New York.

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